Triumph Tiger 800 riding off road

The New Tiger 800

""La tigresse hausse le ton…" - Charles Donzé,

new Tiger 1200

“The brand new Triumph Tiger 1200! First impression: the Brit-adventure bike has really gone upper class!" Dimitri Huppi

Bobber Black

"Le Bobber était bien, le Bobber Black est encore mieux. Plus looké, plus techno, plus musclé" - LE REPAIRE DESMOTARDS.COM

"Son bicylindre distille en permanence de good vibes et un agrément remarquable. Pas maladroite sur la route et presque confortable, l’Anglaise vous scotche surtout grâce à un look d’enfer" - MOTO-JOURNAL.FR

Street Triple

"Well deserved of our 5-star rating, the new triple hits harder, spins-up faster and belts out its shrieking, bass-laden, acid-infused soundtrack higher up the decibel range, through its lighter new airbox and exhaust - It’s clear its new 765cc motor is an absolute gem of a thing and has comfortably taken this iconic engine to another, unrivalled level."- MCN

"It is one of the finest motorcycles I've ridden in years, that's quite a statement, I know, but this is one hell of a bike." - Bennetts Bike Social